It was my 3th year in graduate study on information system when 2 guys called me to help them on editing website and advertising on selling replicas in the winter of 2006.

They are both from the countryside with knowing nothing on english and network,they asked me to join in when something came out .Am from the countryside too ,a 3th child in a poor family,witch owed others about 8000 USD .And I was deeply falling in love with one girl who was without any job .But the money from the college was only 30 USD,should I get a part-time job ,or my girl and I would have nothing to live on .

 So i accepted the invitaion from them ,being one of the members selling replica shoes ,clothes ,replica watches, and so on .
Most of the website selling replicas once were only a list of the products ,no prices ,no details, no payment system .We chated with customers on prices,shipping ,and asked customers to pay via Western Union only.The small company falled out when i got my master degree in the summer of 2007, the partners did not want to spend more money on advertisement ,though i tried my best to persuade them .

I left the company with only 400 USD at hands .The life would be gone on ,and the story on sell replicas would not be the end in my life ,in china and the world .

director leon

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